DEIB & Workplace Culture

Employees Need to Know They Are Heard, Valued, and Belong.

A positive workplace culture is the heart and soul of a strong organization. For true organizational health and success, all employees need a supportive environment where people matter just as much as getting the work done. Companies who make belonging a priority, are rewarded with an increase in engagement, productivity, and retention.

We offer our extensive expertise in DEIB and our ability to unearth and address issues that impact employee morale and performance. We are intentional about creating healthy workplace cultures and engage in dialogue and learning to create a welcoming space that respects and give voice to the unique identities we all bring to the workplace.


Together, we make inclusion happen.



We help organizations understand the value of workplace culture through the lens of DEIB and define the role leaders play in ensuring success. We help launch initiatives by:

  • Defining the business imperative for DEIB and organizational health.
  • Providing thought partnership to discover pain points and their impact on success.
  • Supporting sponsors and stakeholders with leadership and messaging resources.

We provide tools to gather insight from stakeholders at all levels to determine the current state and design effective solutions to achieve the desired future state. These include:

  • DEIB and Culture Audits.
  • Workplace Culture Assessments.
  • Administering and Debriefing.
  • Staff listening sessions and focus groups.
  • Policy and Process Reviews.

We guide safe and inclusive conversations that ensure all voices, perspectives, and experiences are valued, heard, and respected. We engage stakeholders in:

  • Large and small groups to have dialogue and create awareness and understanding.
  • Leading learning events designed to support growth and competency.
  • Administering and debrief surveys and assessments
  • Establishing Employee Resource Groups and providing them with tools to run effectively.

We provide learning experiences that build awareness, provide tools to navigate workplace interactions, and maintain a workplace culture of respect and continuous improvement. Some themes include:

  • Creating an Inclusive Workplace Culture.
  • Introducing Pillars of Organizational Health.
  • Valuing, Engaging, and Leveraging Diversity.
  • Understanding, Decoding, and Disrupting Bias.
  • Disrupting Dominant Culture Thinking and Behavior

We offer individualized, one-on-one support to reinforce the behaviors, principles, and values of DEIB and workplace culture. This includes:

  • Providing leaders with resources to address issue unearthed in data gathering.
  • Supporting staff from historically excluded groups to navigate barriers to success.
  • Ensuring all staff are engaged and have a sense of belonging.
  • Offering real-time thought partnership to leaders, stakeholders, and employee resource groups.