Learning & Productivity

Knowledge Is Power—Let’s Make Your Company as Smart as It Can Be.

Top companies make continuous learning and training a priority. Staying ahead in our fast-paced work world is a constant challenge, and KJR creates enthusiasm for ongoing learning and organizational development. We offer a suite of professional and productivity workshops designed to help employees acquire the skills and abilities needed for them to excel in their careers.

We support learning that builds the dexterity and acumen necessary to do the work at hand. We keep learning and continue challenging you to do the same with best practices, tools, and methodologies. From personal development to team dynamics, project management to personal productivity, we provide everything you need for a smarter, more efficient workforce.

We make continuous growth happen.



We engage our target audience immediately to align on the real needs and to map a plan for learning and growth. We prioritize:

  • Establishing a rapport with stakeholders and communicating with candor.
  • Listening and asking questions to define and validate the real need.
  • Leveraging our expertise to define solutions that get actual results.

We use several assessment tools in our delivery of learning and development engagements including:

  • Learning assessments to identify the gaps and barriers to success.
  • Knowledge, Skill, and Competency Assessments to ensure the depth of content needed.
  • Real-time feedback to incorporate into facilitation and delivery.
  • Post engagement surveys to assess the effectiveness of the engagement.

We deliver high energy, customized learning experiences designed to achieve growth by:

  • Using a conversational approach that incorporates lived and professional experiences into the learning.
  • Providing practical tips, strategies, and solutions that can be used immediately.
  • Prioritizing meeting the audience where they are on the awareness continuum and leverage our expertise to shift the depth as needed.

We design and deliver customized training to meet the specific needs of our audience which includes:

  • Professional Development Workshops
    • Managing and Navigating Change
    • Working on Teams
    • Communicating with Impact
    • New Manager Tips and Techniques
    • DEIB Learning Series
  • Customizable Productivity-Based Learning Sessions
    • Workload and Priority Management
    • Leveraging Microsoft Office Suite
    • Maximizing Virtual Collaboration Tools (e.g. Zoom and Teams)
    • Presentation Skills
  • Assessments to Promote Learning and Growth
    • Everything DiSC Suite including Workplace, Conflict, EQ, and Management
    • The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team: Personal Development
    • Strengths Finder 2.0
    • The Six Types of Working Genius
    • Thomas Kilmann Conflict Styles
  • Train the Trainer options to support clients seeking to develop internal trainers.

When a classroom isn’t the best place to meet the stated needs, we provide one-to-one or group coaching that reinforces learning and helps participants grasp and apply concepts by:

  • Creating alignment between leaders and coaches on development goals.
  • Delivering one-on-one or small group coaching to improve behavior or performance.
  • Building healthy forums for checking in and assessing progress towards improvement.